Thursday, 22 July 2010


This is Cloud Strife from final fantasy VII and also Kingdom Hearts

Germany 2010

My bowling shoes, Katie's and Georgia's

Art on the Berlin wall, apparently this is what we would have to wear if we survived a nuclear bomb. creepy, huh?
Myself and Katie

Sunday, 30 May 2010


This is a picture of the broken angel statue
Sarah ontop of the crypt
Lily lol'ing at the statue

a few weeks ago myself, lily and sarah went to Elvaston castle, we saw a sectioned off bit in the graveyard and decided we would break in. the gate was much too spikey to climb over so we went round and up lots of mud and then jumped off the little hill. it was really creepy, there was a broken angel statue which was the end of the line for me i jumped over the gate and stabbed my leg on one of the spikes. it was very funny but creeped me out severely! it's something to tell the grandkids though, lol

Reel Big Fish

Back in February i saw one of my favourite bands: Reel Big Fish at Nottingham rock city, they were supported my sonic boom six whom i had previously seen. they were amazing, really. if i wasn't wearing five inch heels i would have been in the crowd, but my mother said we should stand on the balcony. which was a disaster, i didn't enjoy it one bit. although i did get saved from having my head smashed in, there was an actual mosh with very tall teenage punk/ska fans. one of my friends went there too, but i didn't see him :/ i really want to go see them with my friends and not with people directly related to me. à votre santé!

Gigs and stamps

Quite a while ago i saw a few bands at the old bell hotel n my hometown. the top stamp is from a band called Goldblade, who weren't to my taste exactly but they were good nevertheless. My friends band, hoofbite were supporting them and some other great bands like: Templeton Pek, Addictive Philosophy and another band i cant remember the name of. the bottom picture is of the stamp from the band [Spunge.] this was actually my best gig in my very short life. i love it at the old bell because it's like someone's front room, you can literally talk to the band memebers, the frontman of spunge, alex, was walking round and in the crowd i touched his leg, which was a win, personally. another of my friends played with spunge on their most famous song 'kicking pigeons' they were really great.
give them some of your time! they are really good, à votre santé


Just a post to say hello, mainly i'll probably be ranting about music but other than that my everyday life, i will try to update everyday! coincidentally it's sunday today :) oh! this is me looking rather confused, i actually like this picture so i thought i would add it! à votre santé